Studying abroad is an exciting journey that takes students from their familiar surroundings to a whole new place. When deciding where to study abroad, it’s crucial to consider the following points in a student-friendly way:

  • What will your classes be like?
  • How will your program prepare you for future careers?
  • What unique opportunities await you on campus?

Enjoying Living in Limassol (because education is much more than classes, laboratories, and practices)!

Mesoyios College is at the heart of the old city of Limassol, together with the public University of Technology (the second biggest in Cyprus), where students’ life is flourishing tremendously during the last 15 years. All students from all other cities in Cyprus are visiting Limassol’s old city at least twice a month to enjoy the legendary students’ life.

Of course, in parallel with the private students’ life in Limassol, our Office of Student Affairs in very close cooperation with the Students Union, organize very often a series of educational and leisure activities. These activities can take place all over Cyprus and may include but are not limited to the following: educational visits to wine, beer, liqueur and other food factories, leisure, and sports activities on the beach and in Troodos Mountains, and many other ecological, charity and creative activities, organized by the various clubs which are initiated by the students themselves.

At Mesoyios College we give special attention to students’ experience because we strongly believe that education is much more than classes, laboratories, and practices.

Access to Internships

In parallel to the theoretical classes and institutional workshops, all academic programs require a minimum of 4 months of industrial practice/internship every year, in-between the Spring and Fall academic semesters. However, being allied with the Swiss hospitality educational model, we always advise and encourage our students to take a paid practice/internship throughout their studies. Our advice is that by doing so, in parallel to their studies, they will get all knowledge, skills and experience they need to enrich their CV so that upon graduation they will be ready and boost their potential for vacancies in supervisory and middle management positions in the hospitality industry in Cyprus and around the globe.

To facilitate our students with the very best practice/internship, Mesoyios College has collaborated with the most luxurious and prestigious Hotels in Limassol and other cities in Cyprus. Among these hotels are the Four Seasons Hotel, Amathus Hotel, Parklane Hotel, Amara Hotel, Mediterranean Hotel, Elysium Hotel, and the new City of Dreams Mediterranean Casino Resort, which will be the biggest Casino Resort in the whole European Union and the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of these business collaborations, only Mesoyios College students (among all universities in Cyprus) can choose between the following unique benefits:

  • Some hoteliers are offering full “Study & Work Scholarships”:
    1. Scholarships include full coverage of tuition fees, accommodation, meals, medical and pharmaceutical insurance, 1 month paid Annual Leave per year, ~€320 monthly pocket money plus tips, a bonus of €1,100+ at the end of every  12 months of practice, additional free on-the-job and off-the-job training offered by the luxury hotels, and many other benefits, which vary from employer to employer.
    2. For European students who are eligible to work from day one after arrival, the “Study & Work Scholarships” can be granted to students from the first year of study if they wish.
    3. For Non-EU students who are not eligible to work during the first 6 months of study, Mesoyios College guarantees a job placement for the second half of the first year and then “Study & Work Scholarships” can be granted from the second year until graduation.
  • To the students who already have or would like to make their own arrangements for accommodation (and who also don’t need a “Study & Work Scholarship”), they are also guaranteed by Mesoyios College placement for paid practice/internship throughout their studies with monthly salaries starting from €1,068 plus tips, plus 13th salary, plus 1 month per year annual leave fully paid and other benefits, which vary from employer to employer. The most important thing is that upon graduation students will already have in their CVs four years of experience in luxury hotels.

Find Work Immediately After Studies

All hoteliers we collaborate with are willing to offer 4-year work permits for full-time jobs to all successful graduates, to start a prosperous career in supervisory and middle management positions, with much higher salaries and add another 4 years of experience in luxury hotels in their CVs.

Collaboration with International universities

Furthermore, since June 2021 Mesoyios College is collaborated with 3 of the best Swiss hospitality universities in the world: Les Roches with branches in Switzerland, Spain and China, Glion with branches in Switzerland and UK and Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland. Under these collaborations, Mesoyios College students who are dreaming of an international career, are given the opportunity to obtain a Swiss bachelor’s degree by only studying 2 or maximum 3 semesters (depending on which program they graduate at Mesoyios College) in any of their university branches, plus 6 months paid internship, plus enjoy a 40% discount on the normal tuition fees. 90% of these students by the end of their internship are offered a full-time job in managerial positions by the same companies, with monthly salaries starting from €4,000 plus many other benefits, which vary from company to company.

Erasmus Plus

Moreover, Mesoyios College is an Erasmus Plus Charter Institution eligible for unlimited Erasmus Plus mobilities for our students. Every year almost €100,000 is spent on our students’ vocational and

academic mobilities in other European Countries. All expenses of these mobilities are 100% covered by the EU and students can get 1-4 months of practice in one of our collaborated hotels abroad (like Hilton International) or they can take 1-2 academic semesters in our collaborated universities in EU countries which offer the same or similar academic courses.

Educational Institutions

Mesoyios Education Group (MEG) is established in Limassol, Cyprus back in 1998 and consists of 5 educational institutions:

  1. The Mesoyios College, our academic institution offering academic programs,
  2. The Mesoyios Research Center, supporting all academic research activities of Mesoyios College faculty staff and degree students,
  3. The Mesoyios Business Academy, our vocational institution offering vocational programs,
  4. The Mesoyios ECCC DigComp Academy offers training and accreditation in digital competencies. All our academic students are given a unique opportunity during studies to get extra-curriculum IT courses to get accredited in digital competencies to enrich their CVs and have even more competitive skills in support of their future career development, and
  5. The Mesoyios Lingua Centre, which is offering English and other general and tailormade foreign language courses for academic, professional, and general purposes, either online or with a physical presence.

Mesoyios College is MEG’s Higher Education Institution, with all accreditations obtained by the Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency. The institutional accreditation concerning the premises, educational and administration venues, hospitality laboratories, academic systems, policies & procedures, academic and industry collaborations and research activities. Only 4 universities in Cyprus succeeded to obtain an Institutional Accreditation. The academic accreditations concern the quality of all our academic programs. Due to these accreditations, Mesoyios College is recognized all over the world.

Furthermore, Mesoyios is the most luxurious college in Cyprus and the only one specializing in hospitality operations and management academic studies.

Our highly educated faculty staff with many years of distinguished industry experience, our high-tech amphitheatres, auditoriums, and fully equipped hospitality laboratories, guarantee the provision of the highest quality and most prestigious hospitality academic degrees, that can be obtained by students in European Union.

4 Accredited Academic Programs

Mesoyios College offers 4 accredited academic programs:

  1. The first and the most popular one is our new 4-year bachelor’s degree in “Hotel, Casino & Resort Management” starting in Autumn. This Degree is unique in the whole European Union and has proven to be the most popular degree not only for new students but also for our existing diploma graduates who extend their studies to obtain this degree as well. Also, all hoteliers in Cyprus are now excited to get students from Hotel, Casino & Resort Management degrees and especially the City of Dreams Mediterranean Casino Resort.
  2. The second program is the 4-years bachelor’s degree in “Business Administration”, with 3 directions: General Business, Marketing and Hospitality,
  3. The third program is the 3-year higher diploma in “Hotel Management”, and
  4. The fourth program is the 2-year diploma in “Hospitality Operations Management” with 2 directions: Food & Beverage and Rooms Division.

Uniform Policy

Mesoyios College students are required to attend their on-campus studies in navy blue business suits, with dark red tie for boys and dark red scarf for girls. This uniform policy aims to support our students to start from the very first day of their studies at Mesoyios College presenting themselves as managers, thinking, feeling and acting/behaving like managers. Besides, very often we get many Hoteliers, Hotel Associations, and other industry VIPs from Cyprus and abroad visiting Mesoyios College, interested in our students’ practice/internship during studies and employment upon graduation. Hence, we have to ensure continuously the best image and reputation of our students and of Mesoyios College towards all hotel industry directions.