Application Process

01. When is the Right Time for Submitting an Application to the Universities?

Every University has their own intakes during a year. Some have two intakes while others may have three or only one during the academic year. Depending on what you are studying (foundations, pathway, undergraduate, postgraduate, research), you could begin applying 8-9 months in advance.

02. What kind of Documents Must I Prepare in Order to Apply to a Program?

Each university and program have their own unique entry requirements. Our platform will request from you (depending on the chosen program) what kind of documents are required from you to submit. Depending on the destination there might be additional migration documentation or questionnaires to be filled in. In this instance, our platform will also notify you.

03. Ok, I Have Submitted my Documents, What’s Next, & How Long it’s Going to Take for you to Process my Application?

First, we will review your documentation to verify that they fulfil the university’s entry requirements. If we need additional information or clarification, we will get in touch with you via our platform. Then, you must pay your application fee, as per university’s policy (if any). When everything is ready, then we will forward your application to the university. Usually, we strive to submit your application between 1 to 5 working days (depending on the university’s application deadline, the time you submitted your documents, and similar). In any case, or concern please do not hesitate to contact us.

04. Can You Please Tell me Where to Find my Application Status?

Each student has its own account. To check your application status (per program) you must sign in to your account. From there, you may choose the application you are interested in finding your status.

Applying To Study Overseas

01. What Are the Entry Requirements to be Accepted into a Program?

Every University has different entry and eligibility criteria. These criteria also differ when it comes to program selection. You should expect to meet several eligibility criteria (and especially when studying in a foreign country) such as minimum academic requirements, English language and visa requirements, relevant work experience etc.

02. I don’t have an English Proficiency certification/diploma. Can I still study overseas?

It depends on the university and country that you are applying to. Yet, most of the educational institutions might offer you a conditional spot, in order for you to get a foundation or pathway program that will strengthen your English language skills. However, having acquired the prerequisite English language Test (as per the entry requirements) will help you get accepted by the university.

03. What is an Acceptance Letter and why do I need one?

Universities have specific entry requirements per program. During your application, you need to prove that you have all these requirements. If you demonstrate at the university that you have achieved their entry requirements, then they will provide you with a Letter of Acceptance, and as a result you have given a position to study with them. This letter is important to apply for a student visa in the designated country. Therefore, you must check with the university’s admissions team for the estimated lead times. easyStudies.io will also help you to get a response as quickly as possible.

04. How can easyStudies.io can help me apply to a program?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to submit your application to universities. It is important to follow our step-by-step process to submit your application. Remember, that we cannot process any unfinished applications and therefore, it is crucial for you to upload all the necessary documentation. Then, our team will review your application just to make sure that everything fulfils the university’s entry requirements, and if everything is in order, we will forward the application to the educational institute. Then, we will make sure that the university will review your application and will inform you via our platform as soon as they have taken a decision. We will also guide you through the remaining parts of your application, such as your tuition fees, deposit, your visa, and similar.

05. What if I Do not Have the Minimum Entry Criteria?

For Undergraduate Studies If you do not have formal qualifications, you may undertake a Foundation course, which usually lasts one academic year. For Postgraduate Studies If you do not have a formal degree or relevant work experience, you may be allowed to attend a Postgraduate Certificate program. Usually, it lasts 6 months. If you perform well, then you may be admitted to attend a Postgraduate Diploma which eventually will grant you access to a Master’s degree.

Fees and Refunds Policy

01. What is the Difference Between Application Fee and Registration Fee?

To use our platform, you need to pay a registration fee. On the other hand, Universities from specific countries and programs might require from international applicants to pay an Application Fee. In order for your application to be reviewed by our team you must pay in full both the registration fee and the university’s application fee. Only, then we can review your documents and forward your application to the university.

02. How Do I Pay for My Registration Fee?

You can pay for your registration by going to your easyStudies.io account and clicking the Pay for Registration button.

03. How Do I Pay for My Application Fee?

First you need to access the application for the specific program you are interested in applying to. Then from the main screen just choose the Pay for Application button. Then, follow the instructions given to you.

04. How Can I Get an Application Fee Refunded?

If the application has already been sent to the university, the application fee becomes non-refundable. If for some reason, we do not process your application, then we will deposit the fee into your easyStudies.io account to be used for future applications.

05. What Is my Program’s Tuition Fees?

You can view the estimated tuition fees on the program’s landing page.

06. Do I Pay My Tuition Fees to easyStudies.io or the University?

The University will provide such instructions to the Letter of Acceptance. easyStudies.io does not collect tuition fees on behalf of the universities. Bear in mind that each educational institute has different policies and requirements, and some of them might offer payment plans (installments). It is recommended that you will pay the tuition deposit the soonest in order to secure your place at the university. So, make sure you read the Letter very carefully and to stick to the deadlines.

07. Can the University Refund my Tuition Deposit?

Each University has a different process in place when it comes to refunding your program’s deposit. If this is a requirement, please let us know and will help you out.

08. Do I Have to Pay the Tuition Fee in Order to Obtain an Acceptance Letter?

Each university has a different recruitment policy and process. Usually, universities will first send you a letter of acceptance with several conditions such as providing further documentation, and a deposit to secure your place. Having paid the deposit, then the university will send you a final Letter of Acceptance (you need this final letter to apply for your student visa).

Financial Aid and Scholarship

01. What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid has as purpose to assists students with financing their studies. In that way, students could potentially reduce or even eliminate their studying expenses. Each university have different policies and financial aid programs.

02. What are the Financial Aid Packages?

A financial aid package usually consists of scholarships/grants and an on-campus employment program for the student. Therefore, a financial aid package assists students to pay a significant amount of their total expenses while studying overseas.

03. How Can I Apply for Financial Aid?

We have relevant information placed on each university’s profile. If you are accepted by a university, you will also receive the relevant information and forms (please pay attention to the deadlines).

I Have Been Accepted – Now What?

01. Something Happened and I Cannot Go – Do I Have to Pay the University to Defer my Acceptance?

Each university has a different set of policies. You must speak directly to them to plan your course of action (usually the do not ask you to pay to defer).

02. When Can I Book My Flight?

We know you are very excited to go and study overseas but you need to take things in turn. The Letter of Acceptance is not enough for you to travel overseas. Book your flights ONLY when you have received your student visa.

03. What Happens When I Get There? Is There Any Orientation Process & Information?

The Universities will provide all this information to you, and we will also post relevant information in your account.

Information Regarding Universities and Programs

01. I Want to Apply to a University That Is Not on your platform, What Do I Do?

easyStudies.io has partnered with several universities and institutions. Unfortunately, if the university you wish to apply for is not listed on our platform, we cannot help. You may however, get in touch with the University directly in order to obtain relevant information.

02. Do I Meet the Entry Criteria to a Program?

There are two ways that you can do this. (a) check the programs page and see the entry criteria; and (b) use our search feature to match the entry criteria with your background, degrees, language, and skills.

03. As an International Student, Will I Be Able to Work While Studying?

This will depend on whether your student visa allows you to work. In some countries, there are restrictions on how many hours (weekly) you will be allowed to work (paid). It is IMPORTANT to remember that most countries will ask you to prove to them that you will have sufficient funds to enter and study in the country – therefore, do not depend on finding immediately a job in order to support your yourself and your studies.

04. How Long Does It Take for you to Respond to any questions?

We will respond to you as soon as possible and up to 5 business days.

05. What is the Visa Process?

For more information on each of our destination country's visa requirements and process check out the country related pages.

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