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About the Program

Programme Overview

Business initiative and innovation are the “engines” of every economy. But merely having ideas is not enough. One must know how to assess them, project them to the business environment, analyse the cost-effectiveness of their possible implementation and organise the conversion of ideas into viable business projects.  This is the scope of BSc Business Management with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It offers students the knowledge, skills and mindset they need in order to be creative in their business thinking, recognise business opportunities and convert them into professional successes.

Programme Characteristics

The programme approaches innovation and entrepreneurship from many angles: a) inspiration/creativity, b) market analysis, c) production planning and organisation and d) advertising and promotion.

  1. It explores a number of business successes and failures, analysing the factors that led to the specific outcome.
  2. It offers “tools” that help solve business or management problems and helps develop creativity and critical thinking through the use of innovative teaching and evaluation methods.
  3. The programme is enriched with lectures and seminars by renowned market executives.
  4. Information Technology has been integrated in every course module, as today everything related to business organisation and management is based on IT applications.
  5. During the programme, students have several opportunities to participate in activities such as educational trips and visits to companies.
  6. Students can learn foreign languages on top of those that they may already know, thus gaining a significant advantage in today’s globalised job market.
  7. The programme is conducted in cooperation with the leading UK-based University of West London, which is responsible for designing the programme, conducting examinations and awarding the relevant degrees.

Delivery date(s)

  • October for the Fall Semester or
  • February for the Spring Semester


  • 4 years for October or February entry
  • 3 years for October or February entry, for those students who have a high school certificate (apolytirion) 17 or above and recognized English certificates (B2+ and above).


  • Morning or/and evening classes

Language of study:

  • 1st and 2nd Year: Either English or Greek
  • 3rd and 4th Year 4: English or
  • All years in English

Programme Structure

Year 1/Level 3

  • Academic English and Study Skills (Core)
  • Introduction to Business (Core)
  • IT and Quantitative Skills (Core)
  • Introduction to Economics (Core)
  • Intro to Marketing and Communications (Core)
  • Intro to Accounting and Finance (Core)
  • English Language (Non-mandatory)

Year 2/Level 4

  • Academic and Professional Skills (Core)
  • Management & OB (Core)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation (Core)
  • Business Economics (Core)
  • Principles of Marketing (Core)
  • Business Accounting (Core)
  • English Language (Non-mandatory)
  • Chinese Language (Non-mandatory)

Year 3/Level 5

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Core)
  • Human Resource Management (Core)
  • Research Methods (Core)
  • Financial Management (Core)
  • International Financial Markets and Banking (Optional)
  • Corporate and Business Law (Optional)
  • Information Systems and Data Management (Optional)
  • Consumer Psychology and Buyer Behaviour (Optional)
  • e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Fundamentals (Optional)
  • Project Management (Optional)
  • Chinese Language (Non-mandatory)

Year 4/Level 6

  • Business Strategy and Change Management (Core)
  • Business Ethics and CSR (Core)
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (Core)
  • Innovation and Business Modeling (Core)
  • Business Project (Core)
  • Chinese Language (Non-mandatory)

Program Details

Starting dates :

01st October 2022

Program level :


Education form :


Available spots :



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