Dr. Demetrios Kiritsis

Dr. Demetrios “Jimmy” Kiritsis was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut USA in 1966. At the age of 11, his parents moved back to Athens Greece where he joined the the American Community Schools of Athens. Jimmy spent 7 years at ACS and graduated in 1984. His interest in English, Communications and Sports led him to the American College of Greece where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minoring in Communications in 1989. Feeling not quite complete with his studies, Jimmy decided to apply to King’s College London and complete his Master’s Degree in English Literature. Upon his return in 1990, Jimmy commenced work at the first ever European University branch in Athens as an Assistant Director in charge of logistics (payrolls, recruitment, interviewing prospective teachers, payments, teaching, logistics, orders, etc.) Attaining as much experience as possible, he left after a year to chase one of his dreams, which was sports.