About AECC University College

Who we are

We are a specialist health sciences university, delivering high quality education, research, clinical and consultancy services in chiropractic, physiotherapy, psychology, sports, exercise and health science, radiology and imaging sciences. Our excellent clinic and imaging facilities have over 50,000 patient contacts per year. Find out more about our history spanning over 50 years and learn more about our expertise.

What we do

Our mission, vision and community focus articulate our position as a specialist health sciences institution. Discover more about our community partnerships, access and participation projects and upcoming events; promoting and sharing our knowledge of health sciences.

AECC University College is an institution dedicated to offering world-renowned courses in health sciences. It currently enrols over 800 students on courses ranging from chiropractic, psychology, sport, exercise and health science and medical-imaging including ultrasound and radiology. It has worked in Elite Sports and with the European Space Agency. Facilities include the onsite Chiropractic Clinic, School of Radiology with specialist imaging services, and the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI facility. Alumni, research and collaborations span many countries and continents with around 40% of its students coming from outside of the UK emphasising AECC University College’s reputation as global leaders in their specialist areas.



Avg Cost of Tuition/Year17,000.00 USD

Cost of Living/Year10,000.00 USD

Estimated Total/Year27,000.00 USD

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