About MBS College of Crete

MBS College of Crete, as a member of M.Foukarakis group, has shaped experience in quality and specialized knowledge since 1979 when our first educational establishment was founded.
Today, after 43 years we can offer structures and collaborations of authority, and with international recognition, in order to provide contemporary University education. Due to the demands for specialized knowledge and abilities posed by the international markets, current undergraduate students must be highly equipped in order to ensure a successful career in the competitive employment market.​
MBS College of Crete is fully licensed and approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, offering recognized undergraduate and postgraduate courses equivalent to the ones awarded by Greek State Universities.
The international collaborations of MBS College of Crete with distinguished state European Universities initiated in 1979, along with the highly qualified academic staff, provide high standards in Higher Education. Students at MBS College of Crete are educated in state-of-the-art facilities and suitably equipped laboratories.
Key to the success of our programs of study is the great emphasis placed upon scientific research guided by the European Universities in collaboration. The contemporary educational institution of MBS College of Crete ensures the implementation of these Academic Programs in the best possible way.



Cost of Living/Year10,000.00 USD

Estimated Total/Year10,000.00 USD

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