About University of East London

The University of East London (UEL) is a careers-led university that’s been preparing its students for the jobs of the future for over 125 years. Courses are constantly updated to ensure students are ready for evolving industries and job markets. With support and innovation at its heart, UEL’s students are well-equipped to progress on to great things.

One of the few universities in London with waterfront on-campus accommodation. Each student gets their own room and their own bathroom.

UEL is an extremely diverse university, home to 25,000 students of 156 nationalities.
Modules are designed to give international students a differentiated competitive edge with industry placement options to get a truly international experience.

Courses for careers

At the University of East London, we go beyond a traditional education.

Our teaching focuses on the complete person, offering a personalised and flexible approach that takes account of your career-readiness, wellbeing and soft skills, as well as traditional academic tuition.

Career Focused Education

Your career is our priority. We've made a lot of innovations and worked alongside industry partners like Amazon to create a Virtual Learning Environment that puts students in charge - you can access modules whenever and wherever you need to.

Personalised journey

We recognise each student has different skills, commitments and priorities. We want to support you to achieve your goals.

Ultimately, your educational experience is tailored to you - you'll have clarity on your timetabling and learning objectives, dedicated academic and careers support, access to wellbeing services, help with fees and funding, and opportunities to thrive with volunteering, sport and fitness coaching, industry networking and much more.

Flexible study

Customise your learning experience to fit your needs, aspirations and circumstances. You can study full-time or part-time as well as in person and online and flex between your choices as needed. Many of our courses also offer placements, internships or  apprenticeships which give you industry experience alongside your degree.



Avg Cost of Tuition/Year14,000.00 USD

Cost of Living/Year14,000.00 USD

Estimated Total/Year28,000.00 USD

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