About Vakalo Art & Design College S.A.

The Vakalo College has consistently held a top position in the field of design education in Greece throughout its more than 60 years of operation, and enjoys a good name both at home and abroad.
It takes pride in being the school that first introduced design programmes of study in this country at tertiary level education, in 1958, based on both the local and international experience of its founders, and in successfully maintaining its status as a leader in art and design education. Its long line of alumni, with distinguished careers both in Greece and overseas, bears testimony to the school’s contribution to contemporary design culture.

The Vakalo College currently offers undergraduate courses in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Digital Design, as well post-graduate courses in Visual Communication and Architectural Design. The main language of instruction is Greek (students not fluent in Greek may submit written in English, while tutorials in such cases may also be provided in English). The Vakalo also offers, in the Greek language, shorts courses in the context of Lifelong Learning Schemes in Visual Arts, Stage Design, Photography, Digital Design, and Comics

Undergraduate studies:

  • BA (Hons) Design (Graphic Design)
  • BA (Hons) Design (Interior Design)
  • BA (Hons) Design (Digital Design)

The duration of the programme is three years and full-time attendance is expected over the 30-hour per week programme, including lectures and studio work. During the first year all students pursue a common curriculum comprising five interwoven modules of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Digital Design and Cultural Studies subjects. In the second year each student selects a specialised curriculum of either Graphic, Interior or Digital Design, which is followed through to the end of the course.

The programme has been validated by the University of Derby (UK), since 1996.

Postgraduate studies:

  • MA Architectural Design (Interior Design)
  • MA Architectural Design (Landscape Design)
  • MA Architectural Design (Spatial Design)
  • MA Architectural Design (Theatre Design)
  • MA Architectural Design (Hotel Design)
  • MA Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
  • MA Visual Communication (Illustration & Book Design)
  • MA Visual Communication (Typography)
  • MA Visual Communication (Digital Design)
  • MA Visual Communication Studies

Following the award of the BA (Hons.) degree students may pursue further studies at post-graduate level abroad, or enrol in one of the one-year (full-time) or two years (part-time) MA programmes offered by the Vakalo College in the areas of Visual Communication and Architectural Design. Applications by graduates of other institutions are also welcome.

The programmes are delivered as two separate courses that share the same philosophy and structure. More specifically the core elements of the programme, including generic content and learning outcomes, teaching and learning strategies, levels of achievement and assessment methods are identical. The difference is only in the topics treated relevant to each specialisation course.

The programme has been validated by the University of Derby (UK), since 2000.

The College operates in its privately owned facilities in the area of Lycabettus hill in central Athens (26 L. Katsoni Street) comprising (i) a main specially designed six-storey building, which houses studios, computer labs, lecture rooms, auditorium,  library, reading room, cinema, administration offices, exhibition gallery, cafeteria and a small atrium; (ii) specially equipped facilities including a printing and engraving studio with an adjacent workshop supporting three-dimensional constructions and architectural scale modelling, and (iii) computer labs.
The main annex has been included in the Open House Athens guided tour since 2015, as one of the 90 buildings in Athens which have architectural value.




Cost of Living/Year12,000.00 USD

Estimated Total/Year12,000.00 USD

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